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PHONE: 617-645-1922

A Warm Welcome

We at MerLar, LLC are delighted you are researching us and have stumbled upon our web presence! We understand their are numerous other technology companies, but we will hope you will see the uniqueness and exclusive qualities of MerLar, LLC. Once you realise MerLar, LLC is one of a kind you will see no other technology company can provide for your needs as we can.

We provide an array of technology services at the highest and most elite quality. Our clients and customers range from Large Enterprises, Governments, Non Profits, Small Busnesses to even the home user. Chances are you know of a happy MerLar, LLC customer or even a few.

Technologies we support are numerous, Complete IT management - Data Networking ,Telecommunications, Application Development, Analytical and Digital Intelligence. For thoes that do not have a constant need for our sevices we also offer on demand.

Please feel free to call us at 617-645-1922 to inquire with us to see if we might be a good service and product provider for your company. If you would like to discuss our services with some of our current clients who have agreede to allow our prospects to ask about their experences please feel free to contact MerLar, LLC and we will arrange that.

If after a phone conversation, MerLar, LLC feels it has solutions for you, prospective clients are either able to visit our office in Milton, Massachusetts or we can arrange a meeting at a convenient location for that particular customer.